Fine, hair-like, thin needles are placed at specific points on the face, that cause micro trauma, which then produces fibroblasts that stimulate collagen production. This is the body’s own way to stimulate collagen production without being injected with any synthetic products or toxins. The practitioner will also place needles on strategic points on the body that work in conjunction to target any issues that may have caused the stress over time on the face. It is not just about the face, but the process involves the whole body healing from within. It has a calming effect and and for most people, this is the only quiet time they spend on themselves. Once the needles are in, patients will usually fall asleep on the table in a comfortable, cozy environment
Most people don’t feel any pain, but some observed slight tingling or a small pinch.
Most sessions last anywhere from 35-45 minutes.
Depending on each individual’s state of health, most begin to see a difference between 7-8 treatments. the total number of treatments can range anywhere from 15-20 depending on each individual’s skin type and internal health.
Benefits can usually last 1-2 years, depending on the patients’ health, diet, and lifestyle.
Maintenance depends on the individual’s skin texture, and lifestyle. Once a series has been completed, patients come in once monthly for the first year, and then every 3-6 months for a “freshen-up” thereafter.
Facial Acupuncture Roller