I was referred to Seema by a friend for the first time.  I had never tried acupuncture before and my friend always raved about how good she felt after an acupuncture  session with Seema. So, I decided to give it a go.  The moment I met her, I felt at ease…she has a very compassionate and gentle way about her.  She gave me a form to fill out and to my surprise, I realized that I was having some issues that I thought were “normal” and had learned to live with them over the years.  She explained how what I had felt was due to other rooted issues which probably had started years before.   To my surprise I felt quite relaxed after the treatment and slept extremely well that night! I have continued  to see Seema since then and I can feel the difference she has helped make in my health!
I’ve been having digestive issues for a long time, which has been related to my stress at work.  Seema has helped me so much over the last couple of months.  Not only is my digestion getting better, but I have found myself coping with stress better and with regular acupuncture, things don’t get to me like they used to! I always look forward to coming for acupuncture!
Seema has been wonderful in treating me for high blood pressure and regulating my cholesterol.  I thought she would be like all the doctors that I have seen in the past who intimidate me, but she is so kind, yet so professional, and has a lovely personality to boost! It’s like a therapy session when I go see her, and I feel so relaxed after a treatment from her!
I love going for acupuncture and have been for a long time in California, but after moving to Houston, I wanted to find someone I could trust, who knew what they were doing, so I asked my mom, and she just happened to have met Seema at a luncheon and could not say enough good things about her ! I guess it was meant to be! I immediately called her and set up an appointment and was extremely pleased by her professionalism and knowledge.  I will continue with Seema for my regular wellness treatments! She is awesome!!
I went to see Seema as I was feeling under the weather and a friend had referred me.  Within 2 treatments, I started feeling better!  I couldn’t afford to get more sick and miss work, and had heard that acupuncture can help with an oncoming cold and flu.  It was a miracle that I didn’t fall sick! I would recommend Seema to anyone and everyone!  She is fantastic!
I’m so happy that I was fortunate enough to find Healing Acupoints! I first visited for help with TMJ and Seema immediately helped alleviate my discomfort and somehow managed to help me relax. Now I’m sleeping better and feeling incredible. I will clear my calendar to make an appointment!
I started going to Seema for anxiety treatments. I can honestly say that not only is my anxiety gone, but my sleep is better, and I feel more energetic everyday! Thanks to her, I feel I have gotten my life back!
Seema has helped me get over my digestive issues, something I had taken for granted all my life, but when I heard that acupuncture can help, I decided to give it a try, and I can’t say enough good things about acupuncture and how awesome Seema is!
I’ve had sleep problems for the last 10 years. After going to Seema for the last couple of months, I have been able to sleep much better. I look forward to more sessions with her!
It has only been one month since I started acupuncture treatments with Seema, but I love her compassion and gentle approach. She is very professional, yet she takes her time and explains everything so well. Her bedside manners are impeccable!
I live in Dallas, but travel to Houston a lot for work. I was going through some issues and was looking for an acupuncturist in Houston during my days here. Seema came highly recommended through a friend. She put me at ease right from the start and I haven’t looked back! I look forward to my sessions with her every week! Thank you Seema!!!
I started seeing Seema about 2 years ago for an issue I was having then, and she helped me tremendously. I still go see her for maintenance and can I tell you that this was one of the best decisions of my life! She is awesome!!